It’s obvious that a tow truck or pickup/trailer should be used to tow a car, but in situations when we don’t have access to towing companies owing to your distant location, or you simply can’t afford a tow truck service. In these cases one can only improvise and have some fundamental knowledge of how to tow a car with another car can come in handy.

Before actually towing a car with yours, it is absolutely necessary to do

1. How many pounds your auto can tow or known as tow rating?

2. Whether your car has a tow hitch connected to it?

3.  The car you are towing has 2WD or 4WD? 

    ( 2WD vehicles are powered by only two wheels, either in the front or in 

     the back, while 4WD vehicles are powered by all four wheels. )

4. Does The vehicle being towed has a manual or an automatic transmission?

Simple Guidelines To Tow A Car With Another Car-

Firstly, the tow vehicle should be heavier in weight and larger in size How Chris Cuomo Looks Buff Without Bodybuilding lasix bodybuilding diet may better treat schizophrenia than the car to be towed. While towing, requires more engine and braking control to both drag and stop two cars without swaying instead of one.

Secondly, do make sure that the car to be towed is empty. Remove baggage and passengers from the malfunctioning car before towing it. Also, it is strictly prohibited for a passenger to be in a towed vehicle as it is a safety hazard.

Thirdly, switch on the ignition of the vehicle that is being towed so the steering wheel doesn’t lock and cause unnecessary complications.

And last but not the least, if towing during night time, turn on the towed vehicle’s parking lights so that drivers following behind can easily spot it.

Methods Of Towing

We require a tow hitch on the tow vehicle. This hitch is attached to the chassis. Many trucks and SUVs come installed with a tow hitch from the factory, but most passenger cars aren’t. It can be installed by yourself but a professional doing it is strongly recommended.

How To Safely Tow a Car Using A Chain?

Towing a car with a chain or a tow rope should be the last resort and should be used strictly for short distances only. Busy roads and Highways should be avoided.

Please don’t use any old rope or chain as thin, frayed, or rusty ones can get cracked or snapped easily. This can result in a very dangerous accident. Another thing to be kept in mind is that the rope or chain being used is not too short or too long. Also, while towing with a chain or rope, don’t put brakes quickly as the car being pulled by yours will be in neutral and will have no active brakes. As a result, it can slam into yours and cause damage.

Tow a Car Using A Chain

How to Tow another Car Using a Dolly?

 A dolly is basically a small trailer. Dollies are preferred because it keeps the towed car’s front tires up off the ground and it helps to decrease both tire and driveline damage on the vehicle.

How to Tow a Car Using A Tow Bar?

Tow bars can be easily rented. Tow bars have an A-frame and the vehicle to be towed is mounted on them. The tow bar connects to the tow vehicle via the rear-mounted hitch. Safety cables are required when using a tow bar. Please use caution when braking and turning.

Tow a Car Using A Tow Bar

Driving Tips :

  1. Drive slower.
  2. Leave room between your automobile and the one ahead on the road.
  3. Be easy on the brakes. Avoid panic stops at all costs.
  4. Utilize your mirrors and turn signals.
  5. Be extra careful while switching lanes.


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