Private property towing by definition is non-consensual towing from private property or from a storage facility by a motor vehicle of a consumer’s motor vehicle that is parked illegally, parked during a time at which such parking is not permitted or otherwise parked without authorization or the immobilization of or preparation for moving or removing of such motor vehicle, for which a service charge is made, either directly or indirectly.

In simpler terms, Private Property Towing is the removal of illegally parked or abandoned vehicles from a private property. It can be done in residential driveways or commercial parking lots that have posted “No Parking” signs.

Advance Towing Inc. are the best and most reliable private property towing service providers in Broward County, Florida. Private property towing service can be availed in both residential and commercial properties. A vehicle owner parking without consent on a private property is putting his vehicle at risk of getting towed away.

We recommend all  vehicle owners and private property owners to contact us to avoid costly fees and liability charges. We have good experience and practice all industry standards while handling private property parking disputes. We also take utmost care so that there is no damage to the vehicle.

Car towing in Broward County, Florida can occur under following conditions-

1. Removing illegally parked cars.

2. Removing abandoned cars.

3. Violation of parking rules.

4. Parking in handicap spaces.

5. Parking in fire lanes.

6. An improperly parked vehicle that is obstructing traffic.

In some special cases, in some jurisdictions, cars are also towed by the police authorities if they have outstanding parking tickets. They can be towed from both private and commercial properties.

As a responsible citizen and a proud vehicle owner, one must pay close attention to signs in parking lots and pay off all parking tickets on time to avoid the unnecessary hassle.

How to have a car towed off your private property

As a  owner of a residential property or commercial business, if at all a need  arises to remove an illegally parked or abandoned car from your property, following things should be kept in mind-

1. Make sure that your parking lot has clear and visible signage. This proves to be an effective deterrent and makes people aware  of the fact that it is illegal to park there.

2. It is advisable to call the police. They can carry out a thorough investigation of the parked vehicle, issue a citation and rule out any criminal record. It is advised as it creates a proper paper trail and helps minimize the wrath of the vehicle owner.

Contact us to avail speedy and reliable towing service. We are professional and equipped to legally tow and impound a vehicle off of private property. We are properly licensed and certified with a private property towing operator’s license. 

Advance Towing Service is here to help property owners regain control of his or her private property by legally removing unauthorized vehicles and our high- tech towing trucks are fully equipped to clear out the spaces that are reserved for you.


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