Wanna try out your new jet- ski or just wanna go for your yearly fishing trip? Had a battery shut down or just locked yourself out of the car…These are a few instances where you need towing services. Towing comes with a set of risks. A lot of experience and precision helps you avoid these Towing risks and can save you from further hassles. Read more to know about towing risks you must avoid.

1. Improper Equipment.

There is nothing worse than having towing equipment that does not match your requirements. Pulling a load heavier than the equipment’s capacity can cause heavy damage to your vehicle and the tow truck too.

2. Towing using a bar.

Towing bars are not entirely advisable as the odds of mishaps are high. If the tow bar is not parallel to the ground, braking can cause slippage, jackknifing, and other such accidents.

3. Tow Truck Accidents.

Using a tow bar or a tow dolly is a high-risk towing mechanism. On the other hand, using a tow trailer or flatbed transportation is the safest bet.

Advance Towing Services pride itself in its 30 minute response time, a fleet of tow trucks, and highly trained staff.

4. Wear and tear from towing.

Regular built vehicles are not designed to tow heavy vehicles and equipment.

This can lead to accidents and damage to towed vehicles like scratches and dents while using a hook in an improper position.

Extensive tire damage and loosening of bumpers are also observed in cases of self towing.

5. Low Visibility.

Good visibility plays an important role in towing maneuvers like backing up towed vehicles, making neat turns, and changing lanes. If the length, width, and height of the vehicle to be towed are not taken into consideration, the driver will have low visibility which can lead to accidents and further damage to the vehicle.

6. Lack of trained staff.

Hiring an inexperienced driver from a random or fraudulent towing service can do more harm than good. With the added weight of the vehicle to be towed, the driver has to be precise in handling the increased momentum.

Passing another vehicle while towing requires steady hands and a focussed mind.

7. Over speeding.

Speeding while towing another vehicle is an absolute no-no.

Faster speed also leads to increased momentum which can prove challenging while controlling vehicles during decelerating or sudden application of Bodybuilding Motivation – Become a Legend furosemide (lasix) bodybuilding motivation – triumph brakes.

Extra caution should be exercised while driving downhill otherwise, it can lead to the flipped trailer and other mishaps.

Contact us to hire trained drivers with hi-tech towing equipment.

8. Tire Blowout.

While towing, all tires should have the right tire pressure. If not, accidents like skidding and flipping can take place. Also, under-inflated tires are potential blowouts. Hire trained drivers and avoid such hassles.

9. Unbalanced Loads.

Placing heavier weights at the far end of a tow vehicle can lead to swaying and fishtailing. Overloading or unbalanced loads can lead to the broken axle or overturned vehicles.

10. Towing using 4 x 4.

Four-wheel-drive towing vehicles have slightly lower towing capacities than their 2-wheel-drive counterparts due to the extra weight of the 4-wheel-drive components. They also consume more fuel. Using flatbed transportation from Advance Towing is much more efficient and pocket-friendly.


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