Did you move across the country and don’t want to drive down? So here you can know the best way for long-distance car towing.

You definitely want to come up with a plan on how to move your car safely to your new location.

Even after hiring professional movers and packers, relocating to a new location is an exhausting process and one does not necessarily feel like driving down themselves.

Fret no more, read more, and find out the safest and cheapest way for long-distance car towing.

Towing a car with a moving truck yourself might appear like a great option as it will turn out to be cheaper than hiring a professional towing service. But, there is quite a lot of equipment and technical expertise required. 

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Still, if you want to go ahead and do it yourself, keep the following things in mind before starting the journey.


A car dolly is a two-wheel trailer that supports the front wheels of a car. The rear wheels roll along the road. Keep in mind the make and model of the vehicle, the weight of the vehicle, and most importantly, its ground clearance. Low clearance cars might get dragged causing damage to the car body, bumpers, and suspension. Heavier cars should not be towed using a car dolly. A good car dolly can lift up to 3,500-3,900 lbs.

Best auto transport companies give good quality tire straps and safety chains to secure the vehicle on the dolly. Remember, avoid applying the emergency brakes while towing your car using a tow dolly.

Car dollies cannot be driven in reverse and require well-timed maneuvering while parking.


A car carrier or an auto transport trailer is a four-wheel trailer that lifts the entire automobile off the ground and moves it on a  flatbed to the new location. It can carry up to 5,000 pounds. 

They come with an added security feature – an auxiliary braking system. This braking system makes them a safer and better option over car dollies. There is minimal wear and tear as the tires are spared any contact with the road.

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