Your vehicle holds value to it and it deserves the best maintenance to reserve its asset value. It is not every day that one invests in buying a vehicle. So, in case of vehicular malfunction or a breakdown, you need to use the best towing service to move your vehicle for repair.

That is why hiring Advance Towing Inc is the smartest decision.

If you reside in the area of Broward County, Florida, and a need for towing service arises, your safest bet is a licensed towing company like us, Advance Towing Inc.

Top Four Reasons Why You Should Hire A Licensed Towing Company-

1. Impeccable Service Standards– When it comes to towing services, only licensed and insured companies offer the highest standards of service and professional conduct. Advance Towing Inc has a reputation of having the best staff who are equipped to the best with regular training. We promise prompt and efficient Emergency Towing service in our designated area whenever you need it. Our towing crew is well trained, courteous, and dependable in times of crisis.

On the other hand, unlicensed towing companies have nothing to lose, Be it reputation or accountability. Their staff might not be well trained or fully equipped too, which can cause damage to your vehicle too.

2. Towing involves the use of heavy machinery, which entails a lot of risks to property. In such scenarios, someone is held accountable for any accident or mistake that might occur. Licensed towing companies like us are not only insured but also certified.  Hence, you can be at peace, we hold ourselves accountable in case of these rare mishaps.

Towing involves the use of heavy machinery

But an unlicensed towing company works on a completely different tangent. Since they don’t have authorization or licenses to worry about, they can leave you midway. One could end up shelling out a pretty big sum for the damages caused by unlicensed and unscrupulous towing companies when accidents happen.

3. Standardized RatesMEER DAN SPIEREN – BODYBUILDING LEVENSSTIJL MOTIVATIE kwaliteit udenafil met verzending robinsondup bodybuilding Licensed Towing Companies like Advance Towing Inc have standardized rates of the services. We guarantee no hidden charges. Unlicensed companies, unfortunately, are not as reliable. They can increase their rates at any time as they have no regulatory bodies to answer to. Many unscrupulous owners exploit people in situations of crisis and can demand heavy prices for substandard services.

Don’t be fooled by their lower than market prices, it speaks volumes about the quality of service they will offer.

4. Wide Range Of Towing Equipment– We at Advance Towing Inc have a wide range of high-tech towing equipment suiting different needs. We offer effective flatbed transportation for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, equipment transportation, and private property towing. 

Unlicensed Towing Companies don’t have a fleet of towing equipment for different purposes and can end up damaging your vehicles.

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