Imagine you are driving down the countryside and enjoying the sun and good music blasting from your car and you get a flat tire or skid off the road trying to avoid running over roadkill.

What a buzzkill, it is inconvenient, and time-wasting but can also be dangerous to be stranded in a faraway location. What do you do?

You call for roadside assistance.

As the name suggests, roadside assistance comes to your rescue when you’re stranded on the side of the road, roadside assistance from the right professional will help you whether your car broke down or the car needs minor repairs, or you just ran out of gasoline, and much more.

Some of the common roadside assistance services are-

  • Towing-A tow truck will take your car to the nearest mechanic up to a specified distance. If you need your car towed past that limit, the towing company will charge accordingly.
  • Battery jump-start- The professionals will restart the car battery if it’s dead.
  • Flat-tire replacement- Professionals will replace your car’s flat tire with a spare.
  • Lockout and locksmith services- Professionals will help you get into your car if you’re locked out, but there’s a difference between lockout and locksmith services. Lockout service providers typically try to unlock the car door using a pump wedge or a long-reach tool. If those methods don’t work, the provider will call a locksmith.
  • Fuel delivery- Providers will deliver enough fuel to get you to the nearest gas station.
  • Mechanical labor- A mechanic will work to repair your car on the side of the road, if possible. This service usually includes repairing fluid leaks or other mechanical issues that can be fixed in under an hour.
  • Winching- Winching, or extrication is the process of moving a vehicle when it’s stuck. You may need to pay extra if it takes more than one service professional and truck to dislodge the car, or if your vehicle isn’t easily accessible from a public road.


One might need roadside assistance services if-

  • If your car is old.
  • If your commute is long and treacherous.
  • If you don’t know how to replace the tire by yourself.
  • For peace of mind.

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Always keep the contact info of the best roadside assistance providers like Advance Towing handy before starting the trip. This will not only keep you mentally relaxed but also save you precious time in case of a mishap. Advance Towing is happy to be at your service.