The first question that pops up in your mind while getting your car towed is, “How Much Does Towing A Car Cost?” Tow truck companies normally charge a minimum base fee of $50 for local towing for 5 or 10 miles, or a $75 hook-up fee and $2 to $4 per mile for long-distance towing. Prices also depend on the type of automobile to be towed-  if it’s a car, motorcycle, or heavy-duty vehicle, and the total mileage. 

The average cost to hire cheap towing services in Florida is $75 to $125. Most towing companies have a minimum charge of $50 for the first 5 to 10 miles and towing a car cost per mile in Florida is $2 to $4.


  • Distance-Tow truck companies usually have a minimum charge to cover their business costs such as gas. This minimum rate of about $50 usually includes a towing distance of between 5–10 miles. Each company has a different minimum mileage amount included, so be sure to ask when you speak with your local company.
  • Type of vehicle-The size of your car to be towed may also affect the price. A standard fee includes a 4-door sedan, but often trucks and large SUVs have an additional charge. Each company varies, so check with your local company for a more accurate estimate. Typically, the extra cost is between $10–$35.
  • The time of day– Another factor to consider in the cost of a tow is the time of day. After-hours towing typically starts at 8 or 9 p.m. and ends between 6–8 a.m. Each company’s after-hours service varies. Some companies’ additional cost is as low as $5. Others charge up to a $150 one-time fee.


Cars are towed when they are unable to get from one place to another and there is a risk of getting stuck on the side of the road. Most often, there is something broken within the car that causes it to be undrivable. The vehicle may not start, or you may have one or more car tires that are deflated. Also, you could have trouble with the starter or the battery of the car.

If your battery is low, getting your car jump-started will give the battery enough power to get you to your next location. Sometimes a battery is so dead that it will not start the battery and it requires a tow truck.


Tow truck drivers offer a surprising amount of services. Not only do they tow your car, but they often provide roadside assistance. If your vehicle does not start because you ran out of gas, a tow truck company will bring gas to you. Here are some other services they offer:

  • Refill gas
  • Jumpstart a battery in a dead car
  • Unlock the car door
  • Transport a broken car
  • Pull out a stuck car
  • Tire change

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